On Pixel Illustrations: Reasons why Pixilart is a good choice.

If you are the type of artist who loves grids, pixels, game design and is new to pixel art making, Pixilart.net  is perfect for beginners and experts.

Oh and since you’ve landed on this post, why not check my page as well?

Here are the 5 reasons why I recommend Pixilart.

1. A Social Media-Community Platform for all audiences.

Pixilart has almost the same structure and layout as any social media for commenting, status posting, link sharing, and profile making for your personal account. If you are after inspiration for your own design, this website is recommended for you besides websites like Deviantart and Pinterest. What is notable and remarkable is the child-friendliness of the website as cartoons are welcome. Ever felt that your works lack exposure? The friends you meet could applaud the simplicity of your work in the Pixilart community.

No Other Underwolf: Pixilart Review
Respectful comments are encouraged 🙂

2. Competence and effort is highly appreciated by the Staff.


Some artists are far more skilled and hands on work can take more than 2 hours. For every other day, the staff in this website update their picks to show their appreciation and for the artist’s recognition. More than one artist are featured in the daily list.

pixil-iconsWorks are either labelled as Picture of the Day or Staff Pick.

3. Hold competitions on specific themes for how long you want them to be or simply join one.
Contest Sample for kids here.

contest picsContests are a great way to get acknowledged and you can name any kind of it, even ridiculous ones (Just make sure your audience knows what you are looking for lol 🙂 ). Winners are ranked according to votes. By the end of the contest, the top 3 winners are awarded with Gold, Silver, Bronze respectively.

Now for the fun part.

4. Easy to use tools (Similar to Adobe Illustrator).
Note: The image above is my original work on Drilbur the Pokemon Sprite designs and poses. You may check it out in the Arftworks section of my blog.

The tools on the left are pretty recognizable if you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. The design platform has the layer and history feature too. What makes this exceptional though is that you can share and make your icon or character public if you choose to by selecting the icon and making it a stamp. If you chose to make stamps private, they are saved in the “YOURS” section.



5. Make customized gifs of your own work!

This website supports simple and creative animation. At the same work space and at the bottom, you can find the same kind of frame tool in animation software.

Below are some of my tests:

  1. Drilbur hop
  2. Drilbur-chat gifs

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