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Why a Wolf?


For the longest time, I was always into wolves because I grew up with the mentality that loyalty, consistency, and firmness is important. That  whatever promise someone makes to you, you would definitely want the person to keep it. It was not just any virtue I sought after in one time but one I kept looking for in a world filled with anxiety and uncertainty.   Thank God, we have someone like Him who we can count on without fail. Wolves are said to survive as packs. Although the word “lone wolf” is something we quickly associate with the specie, we often forget that no lone wolf can survive on its own.

Despite the existence of lone wolves in our world, there is no other Underwolf compared Christ who laid His life down for His friends (John 15:13).  Regardless of the lives we’ve had in the past, God can mold anyone for His glory.

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Waverllei T. Chua, a graduate of Ateneo de Manila University, is an aspiring graphic novelist. and illustrator. Her side hobbies include writing poetry, reading books or comics, and making sculptures. She hopes to be able to publish more visual works in the future and to reach out with the art pieces she makes.






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